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Hardcore Self-Defense: Training Techniques for Survival

Krav Maga for Survival

Here’s the bad news– the criminals always have it easier. That’s just the way things are. During a crisis, the police force will be busy dealing with many other issues such as rescue efforts, etc. They’ll be short-staffed and since there will be less patrols, law enforcement will not be enough to save you.

Most of the acts of criminals are products of opportunity and this is as good an opportunity as any for bad guys. As people, we are generally a peaceful species. Lots of people loathe violence and shy away from conflict.

This immediately makes most individuals prey. There are people in our society who enjoy the thrill of killing. There are criminals who have zero hesitations about attacking you and taking your home. There are sick individuals who will rape and even kill women just so they aren’t identified.
These guys have no value for life and no fear of consequences. Since they’re the ones committing the wrongdoings, they often pick the time, place and victim that represents the best opportunity.

Since they’re at an advantage from the start, the only way to level that advantage and give yoursef a fighting chance is to train like your life depended on it … because it actually does.

In this write-up, you will discover a couple of self-defense tips that you’d be wise to follow. These self-defense tips will give you an edge during a physical confrontation and if push comes to shove and you must fight for your life, the points below will serve you well.

* You must understand the difference between self-defense and typical martial arts
The problem with traditional martial arts like Karate, Judo, etc. is that they are rigid and take a long time to master. While the expert practitioners are beyond capable of handling themselves, most individuals who learn these arts still struggle in a confrontation.

Doing horse stances and other fancy poses are unhelpful and people who think that these moves will help them will probably find themselves getting beaten up by crooks without any martial arts training whatsoever.

What you must do is join classes conducted by self-defense experts. You could join Krav Maga classes or Kali/Eskrima or any type of close combat training that favors the use of groin strikes, eye gouges and other techniques that are brutally effective and fast.

In self-defense, the goal is to survival and escape. You are not interested in scoring points on difficulty of execution or flashy moves. If a man is going to rape a woman, she will have a much better chance of escaping by stabbing him in the throat with a pen rather than going into some karate stance as she waits to defend herself.


* Train in different clothes
It’s easy to throw punches and kicks when you’re in a karate gi and you’re wearing comfortable or no footwear. What happens if you’re wearing a tight dress that restricts your kicks? What if you find yourself in heels? When practicing in your house, you should train in different clothes so that you know what your limitations are going to be. You could need to kick off your shoes or hike your skirt up to have more freedom to move around.

If a female is about to get raped, there is no time for propriety, decency and modesty. If a dress is restricting you from kneeing your attacker in the groin, you may have to hike it all the way up to your waist to execute the move even if it means exposing your panties. It’s either that or you end up being overpowered and raped. You’ll only know how restrictive your clothes are if you train in them. The same applies to men– the baggy pants that you wear could restrict you as well.

* Change up your training
Train with different people so that you can adapt to different people’s techniques and moves. You should also train in different locations– try sparring while wearing ankle weights. Try being pinned down by two people in your self-defense class and see how you act in response.

What about in a dark room that simulates a dark parking lot? How about if your opponent is screaming at you? When they’re being shouted at, most people are intimidated. How you train is how you fight– so train for every single imaginable circumstance.

Try self-defense in a tiny space with your training partner and see how that benefits you. If you get cornered in a small area such as an elevator, that’s something that could happen.

What if someone approaches you with a knife? Or approaches you with a gun? You will need to be ready for anything.

Keep these 3 points in mind when you’re training. The more varied and practical your training is, the better able you will be should you ever be in a dangerous situation where you have to defend yourself. Train as often as you can till your reactions are habitual.

Your self-defense MUST be instinctive, and yet, effective and strategic during a violent encounter. This will ensure your highest chances of survival.

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AXEM 4.0: The Must Have Survival Multi Tool

If you haven’t been taking a multi-tool along on your hunting, fishing, survival or softair trips, it might be time to start!

These diverse contraptions are a great way to lighten your load while still providing you with all the essentials needed for successfully bagging your game. Here are some ways a good multi-tool can replace your bulkier gear.



The Steel-Life multi-tool AXEM4.0 is a great little piece of gear that can be used to adjust sighting on your rifle or asg repliche in an instant while you’re out in the field. It’s efficient and reduces the amount of time you would normally spend adjusting sighting and slips right back into your pocket when you’re done, so you don’t even have to rifle through your pack.



The AXEM4.0 is not a simple multi-tool, but a survival machine that everyone should own. This survivor pocket tool is an essential product that neatly and discreetly fits in your wallet, pocket, backpack, glove compartment, or purse. It’s an axe, saw, wrench, spear head, bottle opener, cutter, and other many functions. You’ll be amazed that such a small product can do so much. The top side has a razor-edge blade that can be utilized as a knife to cut things like rope, kindling, meat. When attached to a pole or piece of wood and secured with string, ropes, or vines, it can function as a tomahawk. The blade can also be used as to scrape ice, carve wood, and skinning.



Length: 103 mm

Width: 75 mm

Thickness: 2.5 mm

Construction: steel worked with laser cutting and with CNC machines.

Finish: satin steel

Productor: Steel-Life








06- SAW










Official website: https://axem40.com/

Company website: https://steel-life.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/axem4.0/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Steellife_Italy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steellife.italy/

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LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill Review

Treadmills are designed to bring your cardio workout off the road and into your home and no treadmill can do it better than the LifeSpan TR 1200i Home Treadmill. This is a treadmill that not only excels in design but also in giving you ideal cardio results. You won’t be spending hours planning your run or keeping track of your calorie-burning– the LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill does it all for you.

Pros of the LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill:

Multicolored LCD Console — The primary centerpiece displays time, calories, steps, distance, heart rate, speed, along with incline. You can connect to numerous workout programs to instantly start working towards a specific goal.

LifeSpan Fitness Club– You can instantly download & upload data from your LifeSpan fitness club account to track your workout progress, get new programs, and more.

Running Power– The LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill includes a powerful 2.5 horsepower motor and a 20×56 running surface. This motor gives you all the space and power you need to get the best workout session possible.

EZ Drop Folding System– Where other treadmills are large, bulky, and a complete waste of space when it comes to putting them away, the TR 1200i treadmill is very easy to store because it instantly folds up. The EZ drop bar makes it a lot easier to bring it back down, eliminating the need for heavy locks and bolts.

My Zone– My Zone is an included program that monitors your heart rate and uses this as the basis for a running session. The 1200i will automatically adjust incline and speed as according to the parameters you set in relation to your heart rate.

The Bad Things About the LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill:

Doesn’t Have Quick Buttons– While the console is great, some have remarked about it not having quick buttons to instantly adjust the speed or volume without having to scale the system manually.

Budget Motor Cover– The motor on a treadmill is perhaps one of the most vital parts of the treadmill and it is very unfortunate that it is not effectively protected.

Should You Buy It?

The LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill is an incredible treadmill. It may have a few design issues but over all you are getting everything that matters– customizable programs, access to an online account for more data, adjustable settings, and a design fit for comfort and safety. What is even more amazing is how affordable it is yet despite the low price tag it still carries all the features you’d expect in a $2,000 model.

How to Train Your Pitbull

Training a Pitbull

The Pit Bull terrier is an incredible dog and is extremely energetic and can certainly prove to be a handful if not properly trained. American Pit Bulls are incredibly loyal and when a partnership is formed, it lasts for life. If you’re a brand-new Pit Bull owner, you really should understand how demanding these dogs can be and realize that they need a lot of attention and training in order to recognize their full potential as household pets. Pits are very intelligent dogs and this will work to your advantage as you’re going through the training process.

Given their high intelligence, Pit Bulls can have a stubborn streak in them but don’t let this scare you when it comes to obedience training time. You as the owner must remember that there will be times when you ask him to do something and he’s not planning to obey, even though he knows what you are expecting him to do.

Remember to remain patient in these times and don’t get irritated. The earlier you train your Pit, the better. At 8 weeks of age, you can begin basic training and interacting socially with your Pit Bull puppy. Remember, make certain to keep the training activities fun and use positive reinforcements to encourage desired behavior.

Socialization is one of the key areas of focus for Pit Bull dog training. Pits can be extremely friendly and affectionate animals but they can be dog aggressive if not correctly socialized. The best way to socialize your puppy is to enroll in training classes. Training classes allow your Pit to be trained side by side with other dogs.

When your Pit Bull puppy reaches the age of 3-4 months, you can begin a more serious training regimen. During this age, your Pit will likely test his boundaries with you and explore the area of dominance. He may nip and try to assume the alpha dog role. It is important to be strong during this time and maintain the prevalent role in the relationship.

Pit Bulls are genuinely lovable family dogs that if properly trained, make a great pet for anyone. They are outstanding dogs that love being around their “people”. Be sure to train your Pit Bull as early as possible and remember to stay consistent. For more dog training tips, check out http://www.freedogobediencetrainingtips.com/