Sexy Flat Abs for Women 90 Day Training Program

Sexy flat abs for women is a 90 day weight management & exercise program created with specific female friendly exercise routines. The meal plans and workouts help melt fat, tone your gorgeous curves and tighten your tummy by giving you exactly what to do step-by-step each day for 90 days.

This Flat Abs for Women diet plan consists of 3 phases that make it very easy for you to lose weight fast. The three phases are progressive women’s strength training to help tighten your tummy, meal planning tools, and inner thought training to help boost your confidence and help you to stay motivated. Each phase lasts for four weeks.

The phases will take you through a structured and easy to follow workout program. You will be provided with meal plans for each day. With steady progression every four weeks you will gradually shift from a beginner to a kick butt strong, fit and confident woman!

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